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How to Find Your Maintenance Calories

Find Your Maintenance Calories Without a Calculator


If you were to ask Google how to find your maintenance calories daily, it would tell you to plug your age, weight, height, and general activity level into a fixed calculator, and then it would shoot out a number based on what it thinks you should hit.

Now, from teaching countless clients and training as a bodybuilder for the past few years, I have been teaching a much different way to find your fixed maintenance calories to hit daily.

Instead of thinking about how many calories you should be getting daily, first, shoot to get 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean
body mass daily. Use whatever cooking spray, seasonings, and side ingredients you normally eat on a daily basis, and start weighing yourself first thing in the morning every day.

If you are noticing yourself getting leaner, which you should because it takes your body 20% more energy to burn protein than fats or
carbs, thus you will be burning more calories by eating more protein, then simply add more healthy fats in your diet like almonds, avocado, butter or tallow. You can also add more healthy quick carbs after your workouts like fruit and honey.

Do this consistently and once you find a weight and body fat the percentage that fits you, then simply add up those calories, and there you will
find your maintenance calories.

So be calculated in your approach to losing weight and it will pay off soon!

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