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General Logistic Questions:

YES, YES, and YES. Buying a week’s worth of food online can feel scary. That’s why we’ll refund up to 10 meals from your meal plan within 10 days of receiving it if you aren’t completely satisfied with your order. If you are subscribed and you wish to skip a week just go to your account and reach out to us at a week or more in advance and we will refund your order. You can rest easy knowing there are no commitments or contracts with your weekly subscription, just go to your account tab, click subscription, then hit cancel, or, reach out to our customer success team at a week in advance of your delivery and we’ll help you out!

Arizona Meal Preps will be delivered straight to your house every Sunday with a text before they get there, or, in a cooled box when you come back to your home. We also deliver to companies’ headquarters where employees can pick up their food straight from their job. This can save you money when delivered meal-prepped food in bulk with less shipping cost.

Arizona Meal Preps delivers every weekend on Sunday either weekly or bi-weekly. If you need special delivery, simply message

We recommend buying 28 meals a week at 4 meals a day. The more meals you buy, the better the chance you will stay on track with your diet as you will always have a default meal to eat and won’t be tempted to eat cheat meals.

The average individual spends over an hour a day cooking meals. This adds up to 7 hours a week of cooking if you are not purchasing meal-prepped food. 

Arizona Meal Preps last for 7-10 days before they need to be frozen or eaten.

General Nutrition Questions:

The short answer is absolutely. Eating healthy food with the right number of portions will decrease body fat percentage, increase energy and alertness. The biggest reason people gain weight is eating an excess of calories from food that is too high in carbs, fats, sodium and linoleic acid. Arizona Meal Preps is focused on reducing all of these while keeping the meals tasty and unique.

Each meal is packed with protein and contains anywhere between 28-38 oz of food. We put in 20-60 grams of protein for each meal and ideally, we like to keep the meals low in carbs or under 60 grams per meal. We pride ourselves on providing the most bang for your buck and always giving you the most food we can per container.

We recommend you get 4 meals a day which equates to 1,200-1,500 calories a day and 160 grams of protein. To optimize for fat loss and muscle gain, one should be eating no less than 150-200 grams of protein a day (one gram per lb of body weight); so, to supplement the extra 40 grams of protein you need, we recommend taking one scoop of a vegan protein powder with water or almond milk daily. This can be found on the “RESOURCES” page. Use code: “TAM20” for 30% off your order!

We recommend 1-1.2 times your lean body mass a day in protein, which will be around 150-250 grams of protein a day or more. Fats should be around 100 grams a day and carbs should be under 160 grams a day. The most important macro to focus on is protein intake.

Our meals start at only $7 and $6.30 when subscribed for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription meals. The average fast-food meal is $10 for a combo and the average restaurant meal is $20. We also have more protein, fewer carbs, and half the number of calories than a fast food meal, all while having the same or bigger portion sizes. We can do this by filling our containers with high-dense, low-calorie foods like quality meats, vegetables, and low-gluten carbs. Nothing is ever processed or frozen, guaranteed!

Outside of eating meal-prepped foods, we recommend you find other ways to stay full and reduce your calorie intake. One of the best ways to do this is to stay away from soda or drinks that have any kind of sugar. Switching to water or no-calorie drinks goes a long way to cutting down daily calories. Also, stay away from any fast foods or gas station foods because they are all extremely high in sodium, linoleic acid, and calories which produce inflammation in the body and promote higher body fat. Check out our articles in the “RESOURCES” section and see what we recommend for healthy activities to do in Arizona.

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