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Benefits of Getting 1 Gram of Protein VS 1.5 Grams Daily?

Benefits of Getting 1 Gram of Protein VS 1.5 Grams?

If you ask your average nutrition coach or dietician, they will tell you that 1 gram of protein per lb. of lean body mass daily is the best way to gain muscle, lose weight, and feel amazing. Is this always the truth though? As a nationally qualified natural bodybuilder and a nutrition certified coach who has taught hundreds of thousands of people online, I can confidently say it all depends on your goals and lifestyle.

Recent studies (can find if you google “1.5 grams vs 1 gram of protein daily studies”) compared two groups. Both groups had the same kind of protein in the form of whey except one group ate around 50 grams more daily, adding another 500 calories into their daily diet. Interestingly enough, the group that ate more protein (closer to 1.5 grams of lean body mass daily) had lost 3 lbs. of extra fat by the end of the month while both groups gained 3 lbs. of muscle.

This disproves the statement that goes by the simple concept that you will get “skinnier” when calories in are greater than calories out. These people are not taking into account the amount your metabolism skyrockets when you are ingesting more protein.

So, if you are looking to be as lean as possible while putting on muscle, simply adding more protein in the form of whole foods would be my first recommendation along with extra cardio. If you are looking to just maintain your body fat or “bulk”, then eating 1 gram per lb. of lean body mass daily and adding more carbs around your meals will allow you to add the most amount of muscle while putting on more fat at the same time.

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