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Top 5 Group Classes You Never Heard of in PHX

Our Top 5 Group Workout Classes You have Never Heard of in PHX

Here are our top 5 unique group workout classes in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area! These classes are not like anything you have tried before where they incorporate a mix of strength training and cardio in different ways!

Rumble Boxing: Rumble Boxing in Tempe and Gilbert is our number one group workout place to try out because of how fun and different the workouts are! At Rumble, you are constantly moving back and forth between boxing and strength training for a 50-minute session. The room is dark and has a party like atmosphere insuring you are getting the most out of the workout! Sign up for your free class today!

ISI Fitness: ISI in North Scottsdale is an intense group workout class that offers different body parts to be hit on specific days, you choose! For example, Monday might be upper body, Tuesday may be the lower body and Wednesday could be a core and cardio day. Always know what your getting into and never have the same class again! A 50-minute group workout that is said to burn up to 1000 calories! Try your 7-day free trial today!

Legends Boxing: Legends Boxing in Scottdale is a boxing-focused group workout class that also incorporates strength exercises as well! Each class is 45 minutes and incorporates squats, lunges, box jumps, and other core exercises! Expect an intense full-body HITT style of a class. Sign up for your free class today!

Tri-Core: Tri-Core in Phoenix offers 3 different classes in 1 gym! With the options to choose between “Simply Pilates”, “Foundation” or building strength and balance, “Fire” or turning stress into a sweat, the perfect workout is right at your figure tips. With these 30-minute workouts, you can get all you need in one gym! Try a free class online today!

Burn It Build It Fitness: At Burn, It Build It Fitness in Phoenix, they offer a way to train hard and lose weight just like the title says! They work you hard and guarantee you lose weight or your money back! A great workout community for a 50-minute workout! Sign up for your two days free today!

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