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Top 10 Group Fitness Gyms in the Valley

Top 10 Group Fitness Gyms in the Valley

If you find it hard to get motivation do a 50 minute intense workout, look no further than group workout classes! Group classes are great if you are trying to stay toned with lean muscle. Where group classes lack is with beginner lifters and advanced bodybuilders. With beginner lifters, you are going to want to practice first with a trainer and get the form on you lifts correct first. Group classes will give you the lifts to do, but since there are so many people, the trainer does not have time to go around individually and correct form. For bodybuilders, you are better working out on your own or with a trainer as weight and time apart from each lift usually does not aid for hypertrophy. When you are training to build as much muscle as possible, you need to lift heavy weight and have adequate time to rest in-between each set.

1. F45: F45 can be a great option for someone looking to burn a lot of calories and gain lean muscle within their 45 minute time slots. They are more strength oriented and the fitness knowledge for this class is more advanced. They aim to burn up to 750 calories per session and will push you hard every step of the way. A membership here is $50 a week or $200 a month. This includes as many classes as you would like to go to (besides Sunday) so the worth is really up to you. If you only go 1-2 times a week, is it worth it? Go more often and it definitely is.

2. Orangetheory: Orangetheory classes are a bit different than F45 in which OTF has treadmills and is designed to be more studio kind of workouts. The fitness level for OTF is more for beginners and intermediates as there are less complicated workouts. These classes will get help you lose fat but are not as good as putting on muscle. Basic (four classes for $59/month) to Elite (eight classes for $99/month) to Premier (unlimited classes for $159/month). Think fun, engaging, and cardio intensive.

3. TrueFusion: TrueFusion differs in that it offers a variety of group classes including barre, ride, boot-camp, circuit, Pilates, and yoga. Prices here range from $199 per month for unlimited, $99 for 4 classes per month and 8 classes per month at $149 per month. Some classes do not allow shoes, definitely an experience to be lifting in a room with strangers shoeless!

4. Fit Body Boot Camp: Fit Body Camp offers group fitness classes at 30 minutes per class. Their monthly memberships are $198 for unlimited. FBBC is more of a mix between OTR and F45 as they incorporate cardio workouts with a mix of strength training. This kind of training is more intense which might be why they only do 25-30 minute workout sessions.

5. Bodi: Bodi offers four different kinds of classes including sweat, strength, boxing and canal/stadiums/track + run club. Sweat is 70% cardio and 30% strength training. Strength is 70% strength and 30% cardio. Boxing is 45-60 minutes of HITT boxing. The other workouts are not offered all of the time and are just up every now and then. Bodi is $145 dollars for unlimited a month or $1,100 annually.

6. CycleBar: Cyclebar is exclusively cycling classes only. Cycling is not the best way to get in shape as it does not put on much muscle, especially in the upper body. It is great for burning calories and getting lean though. There are 6 different kinds of cycling classes they offer which are connect, empower, classic, performance, express, and cyclegives. Their membership packages range from 4 rides per month for $79, 8 rides per month for $129 or unlimited rides per month for $169 per month.

7. LifeTime: LifeTime is a gym that offers just about everything from pools, saunas, hot tubs, massage therapists, physical therapists, cafes, restaurants, basketball, pickleball, workout classes, cycle classes, yoga classes, Pilates classes, etc. The memberships depend on what kind of LifeTime’s gyms you are looking to attend. The most expensive plan is called Diamond and goes up to $250 a month. Second most expensive is $200, then $150.

8. Vasa: Vasa fitness is an above average gym that offers less amenities than LifeTime but still has the cycle classes, basketball, workout classes, gym, sauna and trainers. They offer a basic membership at $9.99 a month for the basic cardio and training equipment. At $21.99 per month you get access to all equipment and amenities. At $39.99 a month you have access to group HITT workouts on top of all the other amenities as well.

9. Glory Gains: Glory Gains is a gym that is more for people with personal trainers. It’s only $30 a month if you have a trainer you workout with but is $150 per month if you are looking to lift there without a trainer. There are group classes here in the form of personal training. Each trainer is a different price depending on the skill of the trainer.

10. EOS: EOS is a go-to gym if you looking for a great, average gym for a great price. At $9.99 a month, you get access to all of their fitness equipment and workout classes. They have cycle, yoga, and other HITT classes available along with membership.

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