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Top 5 Pilates Classes in the Valley

Top 5 Pilates Classes in the Valley

Pilates is a great way to increase your core strength, spine stability, and decrease the chance you will encounter any injuries while lifting or doing daily activities. Because of this reason, Pilates is trending quickly. Now, not every Pilates classes are equal. Some are higher intensity than others so this article will help you know which ones are best fit for you.

1. Reformed Pilates: Reformed Pilates can be an advanced workout for even high performance individuals. These classes start with core. They continue with upper body, lower body, and we finish with a cool-down. We have hundreds of different exercises and numerous accessories such as hand weights, resistance bands, boxes and jumpboards, but in keeping with the same structure every time they guarantee a full body workout in just 50 minutes.

2. Basi Pilates: At Basi Pilates, they’re mission is to change the way Pilates is done, to be more efficient and beneficial. They not only have Pilates classes, but offer education systems to learn Pilates from the masters. Developed by┬áRael Isacowitz, the trailblazing F2 System is a true innovation for Pilates movement, offering unprecedented versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Springs can be attached to different points on the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, and Spine Corrector.

3. Pilates Way: The Pilates Way is a small boutique Studio that upholds the true Pilates principles in the highest regard and has dedicated itself to the quality of its practice. This is the perfect place to start from beginner level classes to advanced level classes. The main goal of the Pilates Way is to not just teach the Pilates exercises but to teach how to do them correctly. Proper form is an essential key in this practice. One must first feel the exercises in the right places in their body. Then the true benefits are achieved!

4. TruFusion: TruFusion not only offers Pilates, but also offers, bootcamp, ride, barre, circuit, and yoga classes as well. They do a great job of making classes fun and engaging, with classes for any kind of level. They offer heated and unheated rooms for fast, fun, and results-driven group workouts. Led by elite instructors, our multi-modality range of classes encourages seasoned fitness fanatics, yogis, and newcomers to discover new workouts for their wellness routine.

5. LifeTime: LifeTime has just about every kind of class from yoga to Pilates to dancing studios to weight lifting and cycling classes. The reason it made it on this list is because there are very good instructors at these gyms in every category they teach and if you take advantage of these classes, the expensive membership makes it well worth it. Here you can schedule private sessions or do group sessions with lots of people. If you have the money and are a beginner, we would recommend starting with private sessions of Pilates before moving up to group level sessions.

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