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Top 10 Bodybuilding Gyms in AZ

Top 10 Bodybuilding Gyms in AZ

Bodybuilding gyms have been increasing in popularity since 2012. At these gyms, more people have the same mindset which is to lift hard and build muscle. It can be a bit easier to meet new people at these gyms since they offer more of a community feel and less of a commercial gym feel. With this being said, you are going to want to choose the one that best fits you because not all bodybuilding gyms are made equal. Some have an older demographic with older style weights and machines, while some have newer, more modern machines with a younger demographic.

1. Muscle Factory: Muscle Factory is located in Tempe. At $29 a month, this gym is well worth the price. With newer fitness equipment and just about everything you can ask for; turf field, boxing bags, lots of squat racks, and a great mix of newer equipment and older. The employees are extremely nice and down-to-earth and so are the people that attend it. Being close to ASU, the average person is a bit younger.

2. Deezel Muscle: Deezel Muscle is a family owned gym located in Tempe. This is a great place to go if your looking for like-minded people who train hard and love working out. Like Muscle Factory, the owner is always around and the employees are all very nice and courteous. This gym has a mix of older and younger members. Memberships here are $30 a month.

3 Independence Gym: One of the few bodybuilding gyms located in Scottsdale. This gym has a great old-fashion vibe to it. With classic machines and courteous members and staff, this gym is another must to check out. This kind of gym has a mix of older and younger people. Memberships here are $29 a month.

4. Glory Gains: Located in Scottsdale, Glory Gains has a family kind of atmosphere. This is a great place to be around people who love to workout. This gym has a mix of an older and younger crowd. It’s easy to stay motivated here, especially if you have a personal trainer. If you go to this gym, consider getting a trainer because memberships are $150 a month without one, but only $30 a month with a trainer.

5. Maximum Fitness: Maximum Fitness is located in Scottsdale. This is a gym where there is a great mix of older and newer equipment. The kind of atmosphere is said to be family oriented with an amazing manager and owner he is there often. The kind of crowd here leans to 30’s and older. Memberships here are $30 a month.

6. Fitness 1: Located in Glendale, Fitness 1 is a great place if your looking for people who train hard and love working out. The workout equipment is old fashion but is always well maintained. Some famous bodybuilders go here like Dennis James and Big Ramy. The owner is always around to talk and treats the members like absolute family. This gym has a bit of an older demographic and memberships here are $29 monthly.

7. Track Club Fitness: Located in Phoenix, this is a newer club that has lots of newer fitness equipment. They have a smoothie bar and access to the training facility is 24 hours. The crowd here is on the younger side and has lots of social media influencers. Memberships here are $75 a month.

8. Pulse Fitness: Pulse Fitness is located in Scottsdale. This is a gym that is mainly for someone with a personal trainer. Trainers and staff are known to be some of the best and are highly knowledgeable and friendly. The crowd here is a bit on the older side. If you do have a trainer, the membership fees on top of this are $35 a month.

9. Die Hard Gym & Fitness: Die Hard Gym & Fitness is the place to go in Peoria for a bodybuilding gym. Equipment here is older, with iron weights that clank, but is well maintained. There are lots of bigger people and the members are a bit on the older side. Everyone is extremely nice and down to earth. A real gym where people love to go at it. Memberships are $35 a month.

10. AZFitCo: Located in Chandler, Arizona Fit Co is a personal training gym. If you are looking for a real gym with extremely knowledgeable trainers that push you hard, AZFitCo is the right place for you. Memberships start at $139 monthly but is included with the training sessions you have with either a group or personal trainer.

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